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New False Positive digital comics need new covers.

I added fresh paint to some existing art in addition to generating a new illustration for the covers of upcoming digital collections. I’ll let you know when the new releases hit the digital streets. 

Appetite digital comic cover

digital comic cover False Positive


Currently, the plan for the new digital comic books break down as follows:

# 5
Pioneers hit the motherload when they find an abandoned silver mine. Why would anybody give up such a valuable claim?

The sky is falling! Far from civilization, a father and daughter confront something otherworldly.

# 6
At the end of his rope, a frontiersman braves a cruel snowstorm on the hunt for something to eat.

The strangers who showed up in place of her regular hook-up seem to have the goods that she desperately needs.

# 7
Out of options, a magician decides he must adapt or die.

When a valuable sample goes missing from a remote research facility, they send in an expert to get to the bottom of things.

More soon.

You can check out the previous digital comic collections via Comixology.


Big Mike