ASHLEY WALTON: Editor of False Positive  


           Ashley is a professional copywriter. Tetris master. Beatrix Kiddo cosplayer. Adjunct English professor. Kid Robot collector. Whedon trivia queen. You can probably find her at the False Positive booth when we make it to a con.

     DANIEL GOVAR: Guest Illustrator of “Constriction


          Dan is an artist, illustrator, animator, filmmaker, programmer and creative bon vivant. In addition to creating two animated series for SyFy Channel (ECLIPSE & CHI-CHAN), a science fiction series for DC Comics (AZURE), and untold numbers of illustrations for books and commercial purposes, he’s currently working on a number of creator-owned projects, various book covers, and producing hundreds of private commissions and paintings each year. He is also a proud boxer owner.

     BIG MIKE WALTON (a.k.a. quasilucid): Writer & Illustrator* of False Positive


           Mike fancies himself a storyteller. THE END.


*Not the artist for Constriction.

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