webcomic hiatus - Eye of creature from Dig, with False Positive title logo

False Positive is going on webcomic hiatus. 

Tentatively, I plan to announce updates regarding more FP around October 2018. It would be awesome to commit to more specific targets now, but I’m not ready for that yet.

Top of my list, I need to take a break from working on False Positive. Easier said than done. That’s because my brain never stops working on the stories. I’ve spent many sleep deprived nights with the brain worm of a story demanding my attention.

Also, presumedly after some manner of a break, I need some time to plot and scheme about where to steer FP in the future. 

Currently on the False Positive brainstorming list during the webcomic hiatus:

  • Update the design of the website
    • The website begs for an overhaul. Perhaps something can be done about that.
  • Research printing a book/ crowdfunding the printing of a book
    • Between you and me, I’d love to launch a Kickstarter in October for a “best-of” volume of FP.
  • Complete the preliminary work on a bunch more stories
    • So many plot outlines, so little time. Scripts need to be authored. Breakdowns need to be sketched out. The sequence of stories needs to be nailed down…
  • Reconsider everything
    • It’s time to think about the entire endeavor and how it might evolve. Nothing’s off the table.

In the meanwhile, for whatever value it may or may not hold, I plan to author some blog posts, sharing some background information about the production of FP on here.  Also, I will continue to share more extensive behind the scenes insights along with ongoing schemes regarding the future of False Positive along with other creations via Patreon.

The bottom line. I plan to make more False Positive and I hope that you’ll all come along for the ride.

Thanks for the support!


Big Mike