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To Whom It Might Concern,


Thanks for reading False Positive. I appreciate the ongoing outpouring of support.

I’ve been meaning to update you about the status of the worsening posting schedule for a while, but I was trying to put it off until we finished Last Ditch. While we don’t have much left before finishing this story, I felt compelled to explain myself nowsomething those keeping score at home will note that I seldom do.

Through the last couple years, the obligations of real-life have restricted how much time I can afford working on False Positive. Then, in November, I started yet another new job. The job is awesome! It also claims a heck of a lot more of my time and energy than my last job—which was pretty demanding in its own right—and I project it will do so for at least the next year or two.

>knocking on wood

For better or worse, I make F.P. when I manage to carve out time for it. So, that’s why we’re left with the erratic posting schedule. It’s also why I suck at managing my Patreon account—something I hope to remedy soon.

I don’t plan to stop making the False Positive webcomic.

After Last Ditch wraps, I do plan to take time to regroup, dedicate some hours to Patreon, and then, change how I make F.P. moving forward. Can’t wait.

There you have it.

>giving high-fives to all takers



Big Mike