I’ve seen so much fantastic stuff this year, I just had to share some of my favorites. If you enjoy False Positive, these shows might be right up your alley.

A few of these date back to last year, but I didn’t catch them until more recently. Most of these are available to watch at home.

In no particular order, the 10 Awesomest Movies I’ve Seen So Far in 2017:

1. The Blackcoat’s Daughter
Dark forces slowly encroach on a prep school with awesomely unnerving results.

2. A Dark Song
Harrowing magic rituals with escalating costs.

3. Wonder Woman
Not only did Wonder Woman finally get her own movie, it’s pretty awesome.

4. Get Out
Horror served up awesomely with a heap of racial satire.

5. John Wick: Chapter 2
More awesome kinetic violence with Mr. Wick.

6. Tale of Tales
Awesomely quirky and bloody fairy tales.

7. The Wailing
An awesome horror slow burner with ghosts and demons.

8. Logan
The Wolverine from my headcanon finally on the big screen is all kinds of awesome.

9. Train to Busan
Zombies on a train awesomeness.
10. Zygote

Awesome horror + science fiction. This is my favorite Oats Studios short film streaming over on the YouTube.

What have I missed? Seen anything awesome this year?