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Launching weekly Digital-Doodles.

Kicking things off, here’s my take on some Batman art.

Batman imprinted on me at an early age. I had Batman coloring books and Batman Underoos. Some of my earliest memories of TV watching include re-runs of the live-action and animated Batman shows from the 60’s. And of course, later I grew up with the Batman comics, the newer animated shows and the movies. I have three Batman Black & White statues and an Alex Ross Kingdom Batman action figure on a shelf behind my work station right now.

I like Batman. I just don’t draw him very often.

I will share this on Patreon as a PDF print. I think I might color it later today, and put that up there at the same time.

And I’m opening the floor to suggestions for next week’s doodle.

What should I draw next?

UPDATE: I wound up doing a couple color versions.

Batman, dc comics, comic book art