Trying something new. Starting now, the selection of art in the False Positive Print Shop will periodically (Monthly? Monthly seems good.) rotate. These are professionally printed 11″ x 17 art prints with rich inks on heavy stock paper.

These prints can be used as decoration: Bring your drab walls to life with unique art sure to mystify your visitors.

These prints can also be used for gifts: Boost your geek cred by giving rare art swag to the most deserving members of your posse.

You could also use the prints for wrapping-paper or decoupage craft projects. The back of the prints could come in handy as durable parchment for writing anything from a detailed pronouncement of your group’s separation from British sovereignty to a Neo-Sicilian love sonnet.

I bet you could probably come up with a million other uses for these prints.

Thanks for your support.


-Big Mike