Allow me to introduce some of you to a handful of short-form webcomics you might not yet be familiar with.  These comics have my unqualified hearty recommendation.  There’s enough quality content here to tide you over until Season 2 of False Positive starts.

Emily Carroll offers a thoughtful variety of masterfully crafted, surreal webcomic short stories, taking full advantage of of their digital format, on her website. Be sure to take the time to explore Margot’s Room.


SpaceGirl is a science fiction serial in the tradition of Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers, with beautiful art by cartoonist extraordinaire, Travis Charest. Not exactly traditional short stories, but with one panel per page, each volume can be enjoyed as a stand alone, quick read.  (I own a hard copy version of volume 1 in French and I don’t speak or read French.)

A panel from the Buck Rogers comic strip:


Murder Book provides visitors with a small library of violent, noir stories, reminding me of an R-rated Alfred Hitchcock Presents, written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by various artists.  Not for the faint of heart.


Happy reading!

-Big Mike