I’m profoundly proud to announce that the next chapter of False Positive, “Constriction,” is the product of a collaboration between myself and fellow Zuda alumnus, Daniel Govar. Dan is responsible for the fantastic digital comic saga, Azure, and I’m a big fan of his emotive, fluid art. A while back, I approached Dan on bended knee to request that he consider partnering up to produce a short story for False Positive. Thankfully, he generously agreed to the collusion.

I couldn’t be happier with how his visual interpretation of this story turned out. Dan injected some fun story beats into the sequential art that add to the excitement of the story’s escalating tension. Also, on top of producing cool art, he’s a genuinely cool guy and a pleasure to work with.

You can contact Dan on Twitter: @saulone or check out more about Dan at http://danielgovar.com/

I hope you folks enjoy the product of our labor.

From Dan’s Azure, available on Comixology.