I’ve been living here for about 6 months… Time to slap up a new coat of paint.

I’m not ready to move or embark on a exhaustive overhaul from the ground up, but I’m playing a bit with the aesthetic design.

(EDIT- UPDATED) At the very same time that I decided to start tweaking  page design, falsepositivecomic.com began to crash intermittently. I contacted my webhost and their support informed me it was my fault for scripts demanding high CPU usage on their throttled servers.

A few hours later I learned that in fact falsepositivecomic.com’s webhost data center was under “attack” for the second time this week.

Pretty please, bear with me.

It has become a nightmare.

-Big Mike

(Got any recommendations for a great and stable webhosting service? I might be ready to pull up stakes…. if anyone is able to read this post.)

UPDATED: (4/13/12- mid-day)

In true Friday the 13th horror fashion, falsepositivecomic.com’s webhost has been under attack most of the week and as a result False Positive has been unavailable. I have been assured, for the 4th or 5th time, that the issue has been resolved and things should run smoothly from now on– I will be busy knocking on wood, crossing fingers, & making sacrifices to ancient gods.

-Big Mike