I follow 3 major steps for creating the digital comic art for False Positive:

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Step 1. First, using a stylus & tablet with Corel Painter, I create a loose sketch and quickly take it to finished black & white digital inks. When at home, I use my Wacom Cintiq Monitor and when on the go, I use one or my portable stylus tablets.

Step 2. Next, I open the file in Adobe Photoshop and create the values, grey-tones, and textures.

Step 3. Then, while still using Photoshop, I adjust the hues to bring tints and color saturation to the illustration.

You can see some crude time-lapse examples of my process demonstrated on my You Tube Channel.

P.S. Chiefly, I letter using the great Wild & Crazy font (ZAP Pack) from:  http://www.comicbookfonts.com.

If you have any questions, please comment.



Big Mike