Dear Sirs, Ma’ams, Others,

I offer an open letter to preemptively defend share why I’m posting a new webcomic on the wide-world of internets.

Firstly, I ♥ comics. My earliest reading choices quickly transitioned from the visual narratives of Green Eggs & Ham to Alpha Flight. It’s exciting to explore sequential art and storytelling in the ever evolving digital landscape.

Also, the contributing elements for this project have been brewing in my dilapidated noggin for many years.  I’ve kept a fat spiral notebook for the past 10 years or so and I’ve deposited many maniacal story outlines, abstract doodles, dream transcripts, and fanciful brainstorming sessions in the book’s pages. The tattered beast’s appearance begs for retirement. And now I’ve discovered the perfect vehicle for these festering concepts to be made manifest: the webcomic anthology.

Writing and illustrating these stories is fun for me. I hope that a few others somewhere out there can share in the fun by reading them.


– Big Mike