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  1. Protheum

    Damn, what did she do to spaceman?

    • Sigurther

      Disentangled his quantum signature from local space-time.

      It didn’t tickle, I assure you.

  2. sunphoenix72

    ‘Sigh’… well they almost kissed… I still think they’d make a great couple..What good is mastery of the universe…without someone to share your triumph with on a personal level?

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Maybe because two with universal mastery is something of an oxymoron…By definition, one will have at least a slightly *greater* mastery than the other. The *desire* for mastery will create envy in the “lesser” master & jealousy in the “greater” master; there’s always going to be a rival. Even starting with an amicable “personal relationship,” it won’t last long before there’s conflict.

      TL;DR – “Mastery” will, by definition, devolve into a singularity. ie: “In the end, there can be only one.”

      Now, somebody get that astronaut some aspirin for his headache…

  3. twyg

    I’m starting to believe that Mike doesn’t have an ending for this and he is just dragging this out in hopes that something will occur to him.

    • MikeyLikesIt

      Or one of us suggests something he can twist to his liking.

      Sadly, I got nothing. This is too outside the box for me. Someone else will have to come up with it.

    • patrick mcevoy

      I’m loving every new turn! It can’t go on too long for me. However, if I come down with a fatal disease I will write to Mike and ask how it ends so I won’t have to die wondering…

  4. Honzinator

    There’s that scene in Constantine where Lucifer is both impressed and angry when he intones “the sacrifice”. I’m thinking old Greek not dead dude pulls off something similar, or his child stops him from doing so by sacrificing herself in his stead.

  5. Honzinator

    The walls were blank within the room
    The party heard the crack of doom
    they fled his halls, to dying fall
    Beneath his fur, subsumed too soon
    Inspired by a portion of

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