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  1. Conzeitconzeit

    oh hahaha that is great the chop chop was so late it only got his tail. the colors or the scenery in the background dont remind me of any already told story I can remember.
    I thought he might get sent to constrcition earth to get eaten up by the black hole but seems not, if anything colors fit concotion the most

  2. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf

    Hey! That’s my *personal* *tail* you got there.

  3. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf

    Also, ^q.q^ for no doggy balls…

  4. Dozus

    *transdimensional yoink*

  5. sunphoenix

    Ritual Sorcery material focus… yeah he just got scaaaaaaareeeeewed!

  6. Epaphus

    That’s gotta sting.

  7. Equinox

    Behold! “Stubby” the Destroyer!

  8. Honzinator

    I’ve got a tiger by the tail and it’s plain to see.
    “Stubby the Destroyer” … heh. Nice.

  9. Coyote

    Eh. Just a scratch. In a Coyote story, he’ll get hit by a car or something now.

  10. sunphoenix72

    Love the sign in the back ~ ‘Managment is not liable for loss or damage.’ {snicker}

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