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  1. JE

    Tell me of your homeworld, Eighty-Eight.

  2. Pylgrim

    That guy is playing his part masterfully and paying the price for making it convincing. What a hero.

  3. Dorten

    Does mr. astronaut know, what happend the last time someone tried to cage him?

  4. Dozus

    Panel 3’s “My arm is getting magicked right the eff off” face is spectacular, Mike.

  5. tafink

    Who is betraying whom? Why is the guy from Concoction trapping the Astronaut?

    • Dozus

      I think the Alchemist is laying down the spell the Astronaut taught them via the mask. The Astronaut is making a show of fighting back so as not to arouse suspicion.

  6. Rohit Banerjee
    Rohit Banerjee

    We celebrate 1 year (or first anniversary) of Last Ditch!

  7. Honzinator

    Anyone else flashing back to the Dune films with the name of that spell? See

    • Inyuk-Chuk

    • Sigurther

      Glad I’m not the only one that thought of that.

  8. David Skold
    David Skold


  9. Dozus

    I tried saying “CHA’DIB” in a scary voice and nothing happened. Advice?

    • Guest

      Search around you for the nearest spaceman, and get some bandages ready.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        What I’m wondering is why the Samurai/Dragon/Oni didn’t lead off with “Fus Do Rah?”

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