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  1. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

    I study weird math, and it’s almost like this to be perfectly honest. There are some remarkably beautiful and arcane things about mathematics. It’s a truth that can be studied which persists independent of which dimension you’re in, and to ask some of us, it’s what we’re made of. Mathematics is something you explore and discover. I wish the unusual bits were more accessible to the layperson, because they’re just incredible.

    One of my favorite numbers is the Church-Kleene ordinal, but I can’t expound here or I’ll end up spending months boring a pack of strangers.

    • Guilherme

      As a former mathematician, I think I lack the words to tell you how much I love your comment. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I wish the beauty of mathematics was more accessible, less dependent on such a hermetic initiation. I wish I knew how to make people aware of the wonder there is in even scratching the surface of set theory, differential geometry, analysis…

      Thanks for the Church-Kleene ordinal (I didn’t know it, my area was a different one). I offer the Gelfond-Schneider theorem in return: it is the story of a small bird that lays an egg from which hatches a platypus. The father was a bird too, btw. It happens because they tried a different position.

    • Daniel Griffin

      As a lay person, I wish I was smart enough to follow these kinds of math. It’s fascinating but beyond my comprehension.

      • Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

        It isn’t beyond your comprehension, it just requires the right teacher. Someday I hope to bring it to a wider audience.

  2. Sam

    Magic charcoal fingers scribbling arcane symbols while a coyote god fights a dragon in another dimension.

    Yep. Just some of that weird old math.

    • Epaphus

      Or is that “charcoal” the magic of the umbras they encountered earlier?

  3. Honzinator

    That was elevating, and elevated. It also reminds me of my recent frustration in trying to help my teen with sines and cosines recently, on short notice, and without being able to see what came before, and confronted with a tremendous lack of interest in their uses (“Well, honey, you can tell how tall a building is if you know how far you are from it and the angle at which … where are you going?”) A rebuttal is clearly in order. To wit, I shall quote pop culture: “What’s in the box? What’s in the booox?”I feel much better now.

  4. Foobar

    Looks like our yolk-eating samurai friend is on the ropes again, 0 for 2. It’s a tough life when you’re talented enough to get a shot at the title match, but then you get knocked out cold in the second round.

    • Honzinator

      You know, I WAS getting a kind of Cincinatti Bengals kind of vibe. Even the colour fits.

    • patrickmcevoy

      I get the feeling that our Dragon knew this was only a delay tactic – going up against a seemingly all-powerful entity like this. He’s always been driven by honor, and I can imagine that he’s happy for the chance to give his life for this cause.

  5. Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Was it intentional to have a panel about “The dragon and the wolf” this week ?

  6. SpaceSceptic

    There’s my old styrofoam ice chest. I was wondering where I left it. I got it by buying a whole case of jelly belly’s.

  7. Mike (not Walton)
    Mike (not Walton)

    I know what happened to mine: one of my drunk-fool friends sat on it.

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