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  1. Vivian Ramirez

    And viola!

    • tafink

      Voila? I can’t hear a viola.

      • Abibliboop

        Cello maybe?

        • MidnightDStroyer

          This seems to be an appropriate time to be dropping the bass.

  2. tafink

    What is it about powerful multidimensional beings and sterile, megalithic architecture? (Ori is it artists and megalithic architecture?) Oh well.

    • Billybob

      Ooooo everyone’s a critic 🙂

    • Vagus

      I always figured it was the general lack of megaliths in our daily lives. Sure, we have glass skyscrapers and brutalist “modern” concrete structures left over from the last century, but who can resist the appeal of obsidian obelisks and granite pillars?

    • The Temple of Gozer
      The Temple of Gozer

      It hints at continuity.

      Ancient civilizations built temples for living gods on earth, usually using sterile, megalithic architecture. Paying homage to (homaging?) those ancient architectural elements in modern myths, ties the modern myths back to the old gods of our superstitious roots.

      • SrPilha

        Thing is, those megalithic structures were, more often than not, not sterile at all but vibrant with colour and adornments – those just didn’t survive.

        The continuity thing still works, though.

        • Well actually...
          Well actually...

          More often than not, polychrome elements weren’t integrated into the “sterile” building materials so, some experts believe the paint was slapped on by assholes after the fact because they couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to make their mark on the shoulders of their betters.

          • Memed

            This is why we can’t have nice things.

      • Honzinator

        I am so very pleased I was not the only one thinking of Ghostbusters … the real one.
        Gozer indeed, Zool worshipper.
        Also, the structures are designed to draw the eye. Classical is the second best building form ever to do so.

    • Emanon

      Because Cthulhu loses a lot of majesty if he rises from behind the counter of a Domino’s.

      • George

        Best webcomic response ever.

  3. Robert Nowall
    Robert Nowall

    Temple columns or smokestacks?

  4. Guest

    Dig that vortex art.

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