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  1. Otto

    Wow, I want one.

  2. SrPilha

    I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t trust ANYthing around here. Not this guy, not that guy, not alllll those other guys and girls and others.

  3. mostromundo

    Where did the other two Oni go?

    • Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

      I was thinking the same thing, but I believe they were just opportunists escaping Earth (they ran off the moment they entered). Only the one with horns is a dragon. The other two probably don’t have any useful (in this match-up) powers.

  4. SpaceSceptic

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wendigo gets one more claim before all this is over. My bet is on the daughter selling out in exchange for Wayfarer’s promise of wonders. Then just as she agrees to purge her own bloodline, the father suddenly says her full name like parents do when the child is in trouble. Then, suddenly… bam! No face!

    Maybe that’s a little too dark though.

    • Honzinator


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