Last-Ditch Page 35

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  1. Foobar

    So the yolk mask definitely did get absorbed into his hand (between pages 23 & 24). I guess next page is when we found out if it has any protective power.

  2. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

    Wrong character. That isn’t the dragon, it’s the male alien eater and the spaceman.

  3. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

    Oops, n/m. I didn’t read what you wrote properly.

  4. tafink

    My question is: Did his time travel to inscribe symbols on his great-great grandmother insulate him from this attack, or provide the backdoor to make the attack successful on the old one.

  5. Honzinator

    Fear not, Trixie Wolf … Foobar was Yolking!

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