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  1. SrPilha

    Well that’s certainly the most “in your face” start of a story up to now.

  2. wolfflaarcen

    … eew?

  3. Spijder

    That is the worst case of conjunctivitis ever in the history of everything.

  4. r4c7

    Concoction? Seems like it could be related.

    • Ashley

      I’m thinking Ache related, but it could also be concoction.

      • Musing

        Did Mike mention a continuation somewhere? Ever since ‘Detained’ people seem to expect them. Just a matter of time before someone mentions the Wayfarer.

        On an unrelated note; I like the ‘T’ stabbing (what’s left of) the pupil. So there.

  5. Explodian

    Oh man, I knew this was going to be nasty.

  6. Coyote

    That’s even worse than the hairy eyeball.

  7. g047

    Kind of looks like the thing from Ache… hmm.

  8. GIN

    it does kind of look like the Ache entity, only old or maybe sick. ;-; poor thing.

  9. The other ghost girl
    The other ghost girl

    This is why you don’t play w/explosives

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