Séance Page 16

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  1. Chris Anderson

    Game over, man… game over.

  2. mingthemerciless

    My name is Legion: for we are many….Funny, in the Bible, they are described as a herd of pigs…all we need now is a cliff…

    • Enupnion

      Not described as a herd of pigs, but the demons were CAST into a herd of pigs …

  3. wolfflaarcen

    … Damn, seriously?! Their entire plan has pretty much gone as wrong as it possibly could have.

  4. Seth

    Thank you for playing!

  5. Crist

    really looking forward to the ending, the build-up was huge!

    • Roden

      not sure what you’re expecting,but i think you better prepare for disappoint
      i love this for an end

  6. aminentus

    And they’re boned! 😀

  7. Tom Fink

    Makes Zombies look downright cuddly.

  8. Sigurther

    And there’s all the puppies and rainbows, as promised!

  9. IrinAkae

    What?! What?! I guessed right? It never happens to me with FP, I’m always surprised!
    And, to be honest, disappointed, it always ends to quickly, leaving you hanging, wanting more. Another guess, this might be the last panel

  10. ddonowitz

    Nice twist. This is one of my favorite ones.

  11. the other ghost girl
    the other ghost girl

    welcome to the eternal torment of being a ghost while your body is possessed by a demon and running around, committing atrocities

  12. npgames

    Any chance we could buy this as a wallpaper or something? without the text would be awesome on my screen/wall

  13. Odio

    I just now noticed. They have the same knives the bearded gentleman had. I wonder where he got it.

  14. nahbro

    Ah i was correct!

  15. Tom Fink

    Just reread the entire strip. The medium said in the opening, that anyone with animosity should step away. Obviously, the two children ignored the warning, and the result is what we say.

    Would the spirits have the same opening in a future Seance?

    Just asking.

    • Slowdjinn

      Did they have any animosity toward the medium? Or were they just acting out of love for their father?

  16. Hyula (@Hyululu)

    They’re just REALLY excited about being able to enjoy popcorn again

  17. slimslamshoddy

    XK-class end-of-world scenario.

  18. Binky

    I love how the apparitions of those entities are pretty much all muscle: it just screams “efficient” (and in subtext: “cold”, “calculating”, “ruthless”).

  19. Jim Faindel

    Well, fuck. If you play with the dead, you get some.

  20. MDNielson

    Love that you can even see the reflection of the ghost in the nearest corporeal blade. Amazing little detail.

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