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  1. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    I was expecting a construction or carpentry job… Given what I know of this comic, WHY would I ever expect something like that???

  2. Musing

    This is why u can’t touch this.

  3. Jaambie

    Wow! Seems like we are off to a good start! This will surely be interesting.

  4. Vyachislav

    Who wants to bet he’s not dead? Probably not that obvious or simple, but it seems like a good place to start. Now we just wait to see what happens.

  5. Donowitz

    The guy on the floor with blood spilling out of his head probably had it coming. I feel sorry for the poor guy with a hammer who was probably driven to violence.

    • darius404

      I disagree. He’s abusing the hell out of that hammer.

  6. bug

    ahahaha. I cant help but hear “that was easy” in the staples button voice. I feel a bit bad for laughing at such violence 🙂

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