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  1. Andee

    I dont ordinarily comment, but I had to drop in to say how freaking in love I am with your comic. Keep it up. The art, the concept, the stories. Its all top notch. You have a donation button or something? I might be blind but if I saw one, Id click it.

    Best of luck!!!

    • quasilucid

      The feedback and support is much appreciated.
      There is no donation button at this time, but I like the sentiment.

  2. Nap

    Awesome landscape. I love how fast this comic updates.

  3. Riptorian

    Nap is right, i should have noticied this before but you update this webcomic freakishly fast, your a real inspiration in work ethic.

  4. matfac

    Not only you are fast at uploading, but the quality of the comics is awesome: most of the people who do make webcomics of this amount of quality take a lot of time to upload (even months!). And those who upload this fast, have crappy comics. I love you, man, you are awesome.

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