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  1. Carl-E

    Damn, I just had a molar pulled – it was cracked top to bottom through the root. I dunno if I can watch this…

  2. yuridegtyarenkoThe Box President

    I need some clarification here…are these stories actually connected, or is this webcomic more like a miscellaneous collection of short fictions?

    • hurpfry

      Both. You know the show ‘The Twilight Zone’? It’s separate stories but still technically in the same place, the same universe, but different places, different people, and different stories.

  3. Musing

    In retrospect; it looks like the guy is making a selfie.

    And this is 2011 – before selfies were a thing.

  4. john

    when i was reading this, i got a bunch of pop-up ads for pediatric dentistry,,, creepy coincidence, eh

  5. akili

    co to?

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