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  1. Riptorian

    I love how you switch from one story to the other on the same page, its very comfortable on the eyes, like a properly written essay going from paragraph to paragraph

  2. JOHN

    just started reading this today. amazing webcomic i love it.

    • quasilucid

      Welcome aboard! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Djeniek

    I simply love this one!
    So many layers!

    it’s threatening and funny at the same time!

    Love it!

    • quasilucid

      I had fun with it. Glad you like it.

  4. Rubim

    Amazing work. One of the few webcomics that keeps me coming back! Keep it up!

    • quasilucid

      Thanks! I’m currently mapping out Season 2.

  5. Kani3g

    I accidently got directed to this page… Damn i like it!!

  6. Nero

    Therefore I conclude that the movie Looper is a rip off of this comic. 😀

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