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  1. sunphoenix72

    Uhmm.. a witch or THE Witch that was at the Very beginning?

  2. J

    Macready from Detained maybe??

  3. Natalie Daniels
    Natalie Daniels

    A creature from an alternate direction who channels Strother Martin. Outstanding.

    • Natalie Daniels
      Natalie Daniels

      Oops. I meant to write “alternate dimension”.

      • web_MST3K

        It seems more like a alternate dementia to me.

        • Natalie Daniels
          Natalie Daniels

          Me or the situation? Make no mistake, either is a logical conclusion. :p

  4. esdrascaleboliveirasilva

    My gess is this is a metaphor for the comic itself, some parts of the autor think its time to over and another think they need to continue, and they are figting here

  5. Honzinator

    “Heretics” … we’ve heard that directed at a certain resurrected astronaut before …
    Also, is that the girl who collected things in her nest? I assume, if so, that the girl sleeping at the beginning of this chapter who had finger scorch written upon her sleeping form was turned into a vessel for the enemy as it cleansed the world of heretics by consuming all life it could.

  6. ile

    “Border of your confinement”? Border of the universe???!!!

  7. sunphoenix72

    And a sexy witch shall lead them…
    “I have such wonderful, Wonderful… things to show you… where we’re going we won’t need eyes!”

  8. David

    Looks like the gal from detained before assuming her(?!) more tentacular (thx Honzinator) form…

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