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  1. B

    “I have to use this bag, ever since some chucklehead walked off with my briefcase.”

  2. Nestor

    I honestly just don’t know what to say after the ending of the last one.

  3. tricksterwolf

    “Hello, sir? Payment for your first six issues of Grit is due, sir. We can do this the easy way or the hard way… and you’re not going to like the hard way.”

  4. Emanon

    “Ok Little Tommy, I’m going out for cigarettes. No, no. Don’t wake your mother. I promise, I’ll be right back.” – A true horror story

  5. Robert Nowall

    Maybe this kid is the baby who floated away at the end of the last story…

  6. zathyra

    That one stair… I’d propably hit it every day with my head.

  7. Jack

    ‘Good day to you too sir!

    Might we interest you in some reading materials on the coming of our dreaded Lord Chtulhu?’

  8. CraftMusedonzeit

    I was NOT expecting more FalPo for a long long long time =D

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