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  1. sunphoenix72

    “I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m Dog, I’m a dog…”

    ~stupid rap song… grrr!

  2. CraftMused

    well this sure sounds like a fable. is this the introduction to the actual story (a la simpsons) or are you just really doing this? =D cant wait to find out

  3. ddonowitz

    Curious to know if this will turn out to be a victim, a villian, or both.

  4. SrPilha

    Nice start! And I feel like I’ve seen a very similar start in some fairytale or myth… Will shake my memory to see if it comes back.

    • CraftMused


  5. Mittons

    “This ended poorly, but don’t let us get ahead of things.”

    • urbanbohemian

      I can’t imagine where you’d get that idea from…

  6. Windwalker

    And it all goes downhill form here….

  7. MikeyLikesIt

    Youze guys…such jokesters.

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