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  1. MikeyLikesIt

    So far this is making me think of poor astronaut Frank Poole in Arthur C. Clark’s 2001 and 3001. Of course, I am still partially insane from not being able to comment on the last story (Fail) . . .

  2. zathyraZathyra

    And there goes my little theory, that he held the pipe under his armpit and just the angle made it look like he was impaled.

  3. MeatPie

    That spike looks rather like a kind of pin appropriate for mounting insects to a display board. Where is his umbilical, or his EVA pack? Was he snatched out of a capsule and skewered by something large?

  4. Sigurther

    My first thought is: what are astronauts doing with the lug wrench for a 1965 Studebaker?

    • Musing

      And who left all those giant letters drifting in space!? Questions that matter.

  5. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

    Yay for perpetually spinning corpses! 😀

    (The fact that all experiments are agnostic to orientation implies that angular momentum must be conserved: thank you Emmy Noether for the most awesome result in all of physics–of which this is but one implication.)

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