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  1. Daggoth

    that’s an excellent transition!

  2. RAAAH

    I smell a guy that is burried alive!

  3. MikeyLikesIt

    I’d say “things are looking up,” but apparently looking up is not necessarily a good thing around here. Especially that poor guy at the end of the last one looking up at his revivers. It doesn’t bode well for the guy on the right.

  4. Web_MST3K

    Servo: I wonder what was the nature of the contaminant mentioned in Sentinel?

    Crow: Probably something that makes humans taste terrible. That’s not desirable in an hourly employee or junior executive.

  5. Robert Nowall

    Ooh, finally, a transition…

  6. Mel

    Ok, so the ladies are being quarantined but they did ‘dodge a bullet.’ At least they won’t be eaten by those kids.

  7. Shiny

    Both the kids and the women were awfully quick to judge and threaten.

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