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  1. David M. Crampton

    I love the detailing on the ship’s hull.

  2. lithicbee

    Yay science fiction!

  3. Toaster of Vengeance

    It almost looks tribal.

    • Arkadi

      To me it looks more as if it was covered in runes. There’s a I. M. Banks novel where they do a similar thing to the ships of hulls in order to create a ‘labyrinth’ that will stop electro-magnetic intrusions.

      • Mystrich

        With all the bumperstickers, decals, and designs we put on cars (never mind names on ships and things) I don’t think it would be weird that the runes are just decoration. We put HMS (Her Majesty’s Ship) or something like that, they detail their whole King’s/unit’s history of conquest.

        • Arkadi

          Like a Hindu temple, huh? That’d be classy as hell.

  4. bekstorm

    this will be good …. 🙂 like usually, I must add.

  5. Deacon AL

    The Ship itself reminds me of old heavy metal art…so excellent…and the stories very excellent.

  6. Ricky

    If that’s the Heart Of Gold, Marvin ain’t gonna be happy.

  7. tekmet

    Actually reminds me of Predator a little bit. Anyway, I’m sure they have crash-land insurance.

  8. Arkadi

    Deep-space sci-fi this time! Yay!!

  9. Sendaz

    Now remember when landing on a strange planet, do NOT cross the local pig farmers. 😉

    • Musing

      flashbackhumor = best humor.

  10. Bellar

    “One of your ships has visited the legendary Orion system!”

    • kingmob4313

      Yeah… That ended for the protags about as well as an average story here. Heh.

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