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  1. npgames

    First time I’v ever looked forward to a monday!

  2. Ashley

    I just spent five minutes trying not to shriek excitedly like a fangirl. I barely escaped. So exited!

  3. Duck


  4. Musing

    Duly noted.

  5. Daggoth

    *sees new page* “WOOO IT’S STARTING!!!!”
    *reads words written on new page* “In two weeks… &%(^&$”

  6. Eric

    Dear Mr. Walton,

    I found your comic site via io9 and became immediately a fan of your work. Hadn’t such fun reading horror sequential art since those old anthologies of DC, Vertigo or Heavy Metal. Please keep up the good work, you rock!

  7. William

    I can’t wait!! This is the best web-comic on the interwebs. I love it. Thanks for all the great stories.

  8. Tom Fink

    What does it say about me that I consider this an early Christmas present?

  9. Tashok

    Only 5 pages b4 the world ends? ahwww

    • Tom Fink

      Depends on when on Friday the world ends. In any event, it’s only 3, tops, since Big Mike only publishes 3 days a week.

  10. Hyula (@Hyululu)

    Oh my gosh, I started reading this comic JUST IN TIME. I’m all caught up with season one (read it all in one big, gluttonous sitting), and I’ve practically missed all the hiatus, as there’s apparently only a few days left until season two starts.
    I’M IN LOOOOOOVE, and I’m super excited to step out of retrograde and into realtime!

  11. GIN

    the wait is killing me!!

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