End of Season One

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  1. Musing

    ‘T has been one hell of a ride. Bravo.

    • quasilucid

      Thanks. Glad you had a good time.

  2. SrPilha

    welp, now THAT’s what I call a season.

    congrats manyfold to you, Mr. Walton, you truly are great.

  3. Duck

    Dude, that was one hell of a season.
    Thank you 🙂

    • quasilucid

      You are welcome.
      I’m glad to have folks to share it with.

  4. Acidchalk

    Good work, keep it up! You’ve definitely got me hooked.

  5. William

    Great work. I’m a fan for life. I can’t wait for next season.

  6. johndammit

    Wow. Beautiful Finish.

  7. Seth

    Oh dear, that was a good run! More weirdness & madness await.

  8. Web_MST3K

    Joel: Good one!

    Servo: A real sense-of-wonder story!

    Crow: That has got to be the longest home improvement miniseries I have ever seen!

    Why is everybody looking at me like that? I’m just saying . . .

    Joel: Don’t pay any attention to Crow. Two out of three copyright violations loved that story.

  9. Noah

    End of the season, hmm? Then I should probably finally say something for once! I love this comic. It’s like the Twilight Zone brought properly back to life at last. I eagerly await whatever comes next.

    • quasilucid

      Cool. Thanks.

      Season 2 will come next with new, all-different more-of-the-same.

  10. Alchemistroyal

    Heh! Excellent ending to an excellent season. Your artwork is superb; reminiscent of Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Reed Crandall and Russ Heath. Looking very much forward to next season.

    I would have liked to have seen a panel or two after the German troops were taken out in the manner of “Mmmm … tastes like Sauerbraten.” ;D

  11. Tashok

    Can’t wait for S2. Keep up the good work. 😉

  12. doc

    thankyou. this is great stuff.

  13. Mister Morphine
    Mister Morphine

    Can’t wait for Season 2!

    …and season 3, 4, 5, and so on… ^__^

  14. militantbibliophile

    Yup, hooked. Can’t wait for season 2! This is a marvelous effort in the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and H.P. Lovecraft: marvelous!

  15. Augurinus Lucius

    Comparing to former works, I think, this recent ending sucks… I always followed false positive for the final shock. I don’t know if there are other who think the same with me. Maybe they hesitate to share their opinions after they saw all the comments here. I don’t know… But I felt that somebody had to tell it and now, I tell it. For me, this last chapter really sucked.

    • doc

      i, for one, did’t find the ending to “suck,” but i read each chapter to be entertained by art and story not for a solitary final “shock.”
      i’m glad the merit of the stories don’t rely on a routinely final twist. luckily for readers like me, FP “is beholden to no one.”
      luckily for readers like you, another story will come along you might enjoy more.

  16. Ioan Marcel Milutin

    thank you. your stories have really scratched my brain and gotten under my skin. you are in all honesty a brilliant storyteller and i do think you’re delicious macabre tales will only get better. next year i hope you push deeper into the depths of your imagination and share with us what horrific treasures your find. sincerely a fan.

    • quasilucid

      You’re welcome.
      I will do my best.

  17. arkahon

    I know I’m chiming in a little late, but I must say that False Positive has been one of the most interesting internet series I’ve seen.
    You had me hooked at the rather Chthulhu-esque “Concoction,” and you’ve certainly kept me hooked ever since. Not since the great Lovecraft has the world seen such delightful images of the indescribable and tales of the untold horrors and mysteries from beyond.

    Congratulations on a fantastic year, and here’s to many more to come!

  18. Nya

    Wow. O.O Wow. Wow.

    Absolutely incredible. I couldn’t be more delighted to have found these. Looking forward to season 2 with much relish!! ^w^

  19. Ricardo Morales (@Zarafraze)

    So if we rethink all the chapters, there are storylinks between them, right? I think so

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