Last-Ditch Page 70
Last-Ditch Page 70

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  1. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf


  2. Lexi

    Suspicious window figure. Uh-oh

  3. fayroberts

    Ugh. Punching me in the feels again, Big Mike.

  4. Foobar

    Well, that’s about as happy an ending as you can get in FP.

    Enjoy the people and culture and air conditioning, little dear. You’ve earned it.

  5. Honzinator

    Another witch in the window? Oh dear. Also, the little witch may off him for that admission. She is, after all, a little girl. We romanticize them (unless we’re Saint Augustine) because they can rarely truly harm us, but … There was that Twilight one Episode about the all-powerful little boy …

  6. sunphoenix72

    Could be the same witch.. we don’t know ‘When’ this is.. after all..

    • Honzinator

      Good point … and I meant “Twilight Zone”.

    • quasilucid

    • Guest

      Saves the world so she doesn’t have to live in isolation again, then gets stuck in a time loop where she can only live in isolation again? That’s pretty rough.

  7. Polyacrylate

    There seems to be a theme with the color scheme of the thumbnail image of the Wayfarer/Clever Hound/Ancient One/Cosmic god (as it was named in Halloween art some 18 months ago). It turned from blue/grey to dark red when our heroes trapped him, and was mixed colors during the beginning and aftermath. I’m curious what meaning it was meant to have, if any.

    Also, the pilgrims from Ache said that by unmaking the Wayfarer in his domain, they could stop the destruction before it began. I assume this means that Zoe and David here have effectively traveled back in time or to another dimension… So I assume that despite their tragic loss, Zoe’s father could be alive again, unless being crushed in a singularity is the same as being unmade into one. Of course, that also assumes that the pilgrims were being literally truthful.

    And I still think the Clever Hound story is an allegory for this altercation, and other gods may come sniffing around to find out what happened to their fallen brother…

  8. Necrophage

    She may be a little girl physically, but she hasn’t been a child for a very long time.

  9. Guest

    I just noticed some of the old stories have been placed into retirement. Was there an explanation? Were they not up to the desired standard? Or out of continuity with the combined storyline? Sentinel could turn out to be hard to reconcile with the end of Last Ditch.

    I can’t remember what happened in Season 3: Fundamental. Wasn’t it one of the shorter stories? A couple people arguing over litter? The thumbnail isn’t bringing it back.

    • Honzinator

      Girl designs robotic “ideal man”, is dissatisfied with results, tinkers with his brain even more …
      Per my daughter, who is still not so American as to still be horrified by her classmates’ dating habits, its alarmingly close to real life.

      • Guest

        Thanks. I guess I have forgotten most of it. I didn’t get around to rereading it for it to sink in permanently like most of the older stories.

  10. Ignus

    What’s up with the retired stories? Even if they don’t “fit” the same universe as Last Ditch, some were pretty good.

    • quasilucid

      The current version of some stories get old and need retirement.

      Nothing to do with Last-Ditch.

  11. george011

    What happened to David’s shirt? He was definitely wearing a shirt last page, even if his wings were coming out the back…

    • Guest

      All their appearances changed in the alternate dimension. The immortals went back to their togas, and the dragon imps regained their human forms. The survivors are back to how they looked before entering the portal.

  12. Sigurther


  13. Coyote

    Well, both that nasty impostor and the spaceman got their just desserts, along with that unpleasant Ms McReady. Very satisfying story.

  14. Alex Tribble

    Pretty sure the ‘a’ at the end of the URL is for “apotheosis”.

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