Last-Ditch Page 66

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  1. minno

    “Unhand me”?

  2. MikeyLikesIt

    Or, “I think they will need a hand. Lend them one, bro.”

  3. fayroberts

    Oh, bugger…

  4. DasMoose

    I know hand puns will be popular here, but I’m going to take a different route.


    Talk about giving someone the finger!

  5. Xx

    Wow! Great update! Can’t wait to see what happens next?! Ok see you all in July

  6. David

    The only way to ‘disarm’ a person…

  7. Nepharyte

    I knew there would be talking. He should have just shoved his fingers in his eyes or something. Do first…talk later if you absolutely have to.

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