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  1. Dozus

    Secrets, secrets are no fun,
    Secrets, secrets hurt someone

    • Honzinator

      Is that a tiny little black hole in the center of his reflective shield? Probably not, but …

  2. sunphoenix72

    …will someone pass the popcorn.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Heck, for that matter, one of those others could toss a bucket of un-popped corn up into the middle of the fight & catch the popped corn as it comes down. Problem solved.

  3. patrick mcevoy

    Worth the wait!

  4. ovnidemon

    Stories that weren’t mention yet: Season 1: Cache, Newton’s Apple, Cops ‘n Robbers, Cleanup
    Season 2: Séance (Though maybe the Umbras are from there), Stink eye, Sentinel, Fail.
    Season 3: Clever Hound (Maybe the wayfarer and the Hound are one and same though), Specimen, Supplier, Fundamental, Appetite.

    But I think only Séance and Supplier can still intervene. The others are either non-magical or uncontrolable (just beast in specimen and stink eye).

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