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  1. gchahn

    Nooooo don’t sacrifice yourself!!!

  2. fayroberts


  3. Dozus

    I don’t like that gleam in Daddy’s eye.

    • Honzinator

      Normally, that is a figure of speech. Here it is literal. Creepy.

  4. sunphoenix72

    Awe… I think spaceman and witchbitch are perfect for each other! Let’s see if we can make them kiss!

  5. Nate Grey
    Nate Grey

    whisper whisper whisper. YELLING IN YOUR EAR!

  6. Sigurther

    Bet they get into some kind of eternal struggle scenario, and everyone else just quietly leaves.

  7. patrick mcevoy

    Did we know the “Concoction” guy was named “David” before this? I like the hint we get that they’ve all gotten to know each other during this crisis – some day I’d love to go back and learn more about the battles leading up to the beginning of this story and how they became a team.

  8. Shiny

    I still can’t believe the ancient is gone.
    I guess it wasn’t as powerful as I thought.

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