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  1. Mr. Shine

    UH OH. Mommy and Daddy are fighting. . . .

    • Ryguy

      More like estranged siblings fighting over an inheritance.

      • Northie

        They have been both shown to be greedy and to go at any lengths to get more power. It’s only smart move to get rid off the competition before said competition betrays you if there’s even a slightest chance one could usurp the other.

        Actually it goes further. Like spaceman said: all involved here have seen too much and can do much with said knowledge. He can’t let them go or even live if he has any sense of self preservation. The offer to “join him” was foolish. You don’t ask folks who have power and means to destroy you join you. You destroy them. That’s like Smart Evil 101.

        If I had his ambitions and were in his position they would be all dead, destroyed, undone and utterly erased from existence by now. Along with earth probably. Actually do we even know for sure that he used a “parallel earth” to destroy/trap the ancient one?

        • RyGuy

          I think the Astronaut is a fairly good judge of character, and two people who were content to live like Greek hobbits for 2,000 years when they could have used the abilities they already had to claim to be some sort of demiGods, clearly are not the ambitious type to worry about, apart from their traditional ideals on freedom. There is clearly some small room to negotiate with them. Harder to tell about the accidental potion junky, as we know less about him.

        • Honzinator

          That would be a lot like a dragon, no? Achieving what one thinks one wants, treasure, and semi-starving oneself in miserable solitude for fear someone shall take it all from you? They’re a metaphor for the self-harming nature of greed. Someone else is a metaphor for the self-harming nature of the will to dominate.

  2. Natalie Daniels
    Natalie Daniels

    Just like I thought, the bitch is back. *breaks out the popcorn*

  3. patrick mcevoy

    Outstanding art! I love her face in the last panel, and the brushed blood where the head slid on the floor. This epic gets better and better!

  4. Ryguy

    Wendigo finally bit off more then he could chew. Does that mean all his other victims are free now? I see potential for a story about the 18th Century prostitutes suddenly finding themselves in the modern world.

  5. sunphoenix72

    …I think someone needs to get laid…seriouslly…!

  6. Guest

    She ditched the head on the floor. Will that be the last ditch of this story?

  7. ValleyGurrrl

    Not my super secret library guys! It’s, like, totally a super big deal!!! My parents will soooo freak out!!

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