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  1. fayroberts

    Hmm. That sounds… familiar…

    • Guilherme

      Remarkably, tiringly familiar. *sigh*

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Yeah, it’s that whole thing about “conquest” that turns me right off from his offer. The “fealty” part is a pretty serious oath too, so there’s even more points towards the negative.

  2. jason-Doumrem

    the king is dead, all hail the king! O.O

  3. Die first, worship Chtulhu
    Die first, worship Chtulhu

    The fealty thing not so sure about.
    But not sure that i could decline, just seems like so much fun.

  4. G

    Wouldst thou live deliciously?

    • shoop

      -shudders- that movie, man

    • Son of a Creature, Man
      Son of a Creature, Man

      I *do* like the taste of butter.

  5. OldManMercy

    For in absorbing me, you have become me.

    • Conzeit

      Exactly! This is feeling rather like a tyranical position where it doesnt matter who is on the chair the job itself makes him tyranical. I wonder if he will literally devolve into the Wayfarer over time though? I would love for the spaceman to become an unknowable beast, but a different, completely new type of eldtritch horror. Like a self similar repetition of spaceman’s head, some with multiple eyes and all sorts of spaceman decorations acting as tentacles and whatnot. Damn Big Mike, I love how your stories rekindle the imagination

  6. sunphoenix72

    Yeah… same “my power gives ME exclusively the right to force MY will on others across the multiplanes purly for my own self-gratification.”

    ~ Wack this Asshat!

  7. Foobar

    In fact, there’s literally nothing waiting for you back on Earth . . . because I dropped it into a black hole.

  8. Jin Choon Ng

    “No no, you don’t want to keep us around. Look how you just screwed over the Ancient One. Don’t want one of us pulling that number on you would you? Just send us home and we’ll pretend none of this ever happened”. Hey, I’d try that.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      “Then you must die, so that you can never come to oppose me.”
      It’s sort of like accepting a job from Dr. Doom from Marvel comics. He’s not very good at taking “no thanks” for a reply. If he promises the “greatest reward that it is in my power to bestow” for your success on the job, then he’ll let you live to continue serving him.
      See, they ain’t gonna get out of it *that* easily…

  9. Matt G.
    Matt G.

    I… I think maybe he just wants some friends? I dunno, knowing this comic I’m probably wrong. But that’s what I’m reading here.

  10. oziboy

    The workmanship on this piece is amazing.

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