Last-Ditch Page 56

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  1. Foobar

    Dang that room is too shiny. Someone ought to put a lampshade on it… oh, thanks much, Concoction guy!

    Either spaceman is being terribly overconfident, or he already has defenses up and it’s too late to crush his windpipe. Guess we’ll find out.

  2. fayroberts

    Skedaddling does sound dandy about now…

  3. Alevice

    I hadnt noticed the last ditch cover thmbnail changed colors on the pages related to conscription. Neat!

  4. MidnightDStroyer

    This does make one wonder though; Are they perhaps leaving behind someone who might turn out to be an even *greater* threat than the coyote was?…

    • Dozus

      You know there’s gonna be a twist ending. Maybe the alien parasite from Specimen will show up and goop everyone’s head. No infinite arcane powers if you’ve got goop for a head.

      • RyGuy

        Yeah, if no one saw this alleged ‘ending’ coming, its because it’s too clichéd, and we NEVER see clichés in this series, so he’s trolling us here briefly with an old fashioned EC style comic book “ending”. As for the twist? It could be as subtle as the astronaut proving to be an ironically benevolent dictator.

  5. Dozus

    Welp, enjoy your vast and arcane powers. See ya later!

  6. Polyacrylate

    The story “The Clever Hound” is foreshadowing for this, or maybe you could call it allegory. That means that things are not looking good for our heroes, or the spaceman. Soon, the hound’s former companions, those with whom it wrote the magicks of the universe, learn of our Wayfarer’s demise, are coming after them.

  7. Honzinator

    So … the dog poop looking stuff behind our Concoction hero is all that’s left of the dragon?

  8. patrick mcevoy

    I love the “heartfelt congratulations” line. Even when she’s trying to act cool, her inner wiseass never goes away.

  9. Michael Lindsay
    Michael Lindsay

    Something is about to go horribly wrong…

  10. conzeit

    I’ve been letting my FalPo pile up so that when I come back again it hopefully is a few pages I can check on and DAMN loving this twist, spaceman corrupted by absolute power

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