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  1. JE

    He’s going to pop his head off to reveal the roadrunner’s underneath.

  2. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf

    I would start laughing too, if only to be social.

  3. Francois

    We never knew why the lieutenant was originally dead in space, stabbed…. There must have been a reason we’re about to discover!

  4. Foobar

    They should have killed him the moment he started laughing.

    They’re going to regret these wasted seconds of confusion.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Yep. Whenever someone starts to laugh like that, you’ve got two options: Either watch & see what happens next, or put a bullet in his brain pan. All too often in movies & literature, people fail to take the second option & wind up regretting it.

  5. Dorten

    Now it’ll all be revealed to be a game in “Cops n Robbers” universe.

  6. Guilherme

    I just re-read this from the start, and checked some of the connected stories… I have no solid theory about what’s about to happen next.

    • Abibliboop

      Well as it appears the world is melting a fluid theory would probably work as well.

  7. Dozus

    He’s back to wearing civies! And the wavey walls are melting? This is good, right?

    Oh, wait. This is False Positive. He’s going to turn into an eldritch terror next panel.

  8. web_MST3K

    The freaky mouth eyeball tells a good joke.

  9. Honzinator

    Those sworls around the astronaut look suspiciously like the sworls of negation around the tale of the coyote … come to thing of it, that’d be a great name for a late night show, “Tales of the Coyote”.

  10. Coyote Osborne
    Coyote Osborne

    Okay, I let everyone else have a chance to use this line:
    “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

  11. sunphoenix

    Yeah, literally ~ ‘I got a bad feeling about this!’

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