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  1. Foobar

    Looking back over the story list, the ones that haven’t tied in to Last Ditch yet:

    * S3 Specimen through Appetite
    * S2 Seance, Fail
    * S1 Cache, Newton’s Apple, Cops & Robbers, Cleanup

    Many of those don’t display any cosmic implications, they’re personal stories that might require near-future technology but not magic (either actual or Clarke’s Law tech).

    I have no idea how Supplier or Cache could tie in.

    Seance and Incantation still have plenty of ways to tie in.

    But Newton’s Apple has me worried the most, because time travel is involved. The huge pile of apples implies that travel into the past loops back onto the original universe. If that’s the case, and there’s only a single universe involved, then spaceman has tricked the (Anti-)Scooby Gang into destroying Earth.

    In any case, spaceman is possibly the most powerful being still alive. So what’s his next move?

    • Coyote

      Perhaps the Coyote spirit in this is sort of like the Loc-Nar in Heavy Metal, the film, and even when the tie-in isn’t obvious, it’s all their machinations? Perhaps they are subtle. Moo oo ah ha ha. and all that.

      • RyGuy

        You do realize that that green ball monster was purely a last second plotless device pulled out of the director’s ass to needlessly tie completely unrelated stories from the magazine together, don’t you?

        • Coyote Osborne
          Coyote Osborne

          Maybe in the real world. In the movie, though, it was the sum of all evil and appeared throughout time, space and dimensions.

      • Bob

        Also not tied in:
        S3 Clever Hound
        S2 Sentinel

        • Honzinator

          I thought the big bad had occupied the body and mind of the clever hound – they certainly share some personality quirks.

    • Giltia

      Not entirely correct on that first one. Incantation WAS represented, if only in passing. Concoction Guy mentions being rescued by a flying baby while coming through the portal.

      You never actually see it happen. Just a mention.

  2. Honzinator

    Wait … how is Cache involved?

  3. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf

    I think Seance is indirectly related to the one with the Masters.

    Now if string theory is correct, BigBad may be just part of a large stringball at the center of a nontradish black hole. Total game over unless somepony finds a way to recover the bits, but that would take countless aeons and more entropy backtracking than the universe has available energy to support—probably even *with* magic. Black holes in RL are highly effective garbage cans of perfect entropy.

  4. Swan

    Seance was page 34: “Umbras”, although they look different from what was shown in Seance, I’m pretty sure it’s the only use of the word.

    And Incantation from S3 was referenced on page 25: “flying baby”.

  5. Coyote

    Right. Note to self, get more reliable minions next time, and perhaps make sure they feel happy and fulfilled. Also, don’t leave the secrets to unmaking me lying around. Thank you. This has been very illuminating. I feel like I’ll be a better manager and better at conquering reality now.

    • RyGuy

      The good news is that it is a very tiny black hole, so if you are lucky enough for it to have not been absorbed into a larger one, it should have decayed just in time for you to catch a ride back to the Present with The Master on The Doctor’s stolen TARDIS.

  6. John KP
    John KP


    They destroyed the evil god, and the evil god destroyed their home planet. Now they are stuck in an ethereal realm where the only thing they can do is play Dark Souls on an inferior console. Damn, what a horrible, tormenting curse!

    • Sigurther

      Nah, it was a different earth than theirs.

      • Patrick M

        The clue that they destroyed an alternate Earth is back on page 5 – “You look so much like her”. He was about to turn that Earth’s version of his great-grandmother into a black hole – she looked like his, but wasn’t.

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