Last-Ditch Page 53
Last-Ditch Page 53

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  1. Citrus

    It’s full of stars!

  2. Guilherme

    That was a surprisingly complex and costly move.

  3. Mr. Shine

    OK, OK, looks good . . . . . At what point does the growing black hole present a threat to the man holding the tail?

    • Dorten

      I’m more concened of the fact, that just a tail can be dangerous by itself, if that’s the tail of shapeshifting monstrocity.

      • handprintcreative

        My thoughts exactly

  4. fayroberts


    • fayroberts

      Clever – how many other past stories are you going to weave into this?! 😀

  5. Foobar

    Gotta say, I did not expect “Constriction” to connect to the grand plot. There’s not many unconnected threads left.

    • ktahrsuun

      Well, to be fair, it *was* sort of hinted in the very beginning of this story. The woman might not be recognizable (missing the red hair and all), but the bedroom shown during the “visit” of the astronaut is the same one as in Constriction. (I have to admit, I idn’t realize that until re-reading the story this morning.) The hint was always there, right under our nose. Well played Mike, well played indeed.

      • Gaisa

        Thats not just constriction, but detained as well. both appear to be directly linked to this page, especially since the beastie in detained also released its physical form to become a “wolf spirit”…

  6. Milo

    Way to throw an entire universe under the bus!

    Also, her hair isn’t orange anymore? I guess this is not her story after all…

    • tafink

      the question is whether the black hole was going to swallow the earth and the mark on his great-grandmother was to anchor coyote’s final destination. Or did the mark trigger the black hole.

      • Guest

        The mark triggered the black hole. Spaceman apologized to her when he drew the mark at the beginning of the story.

  7. GrooTheWanderer

    There goes the neighborhood

  8. Help it's dark and I'm scared
    Help it's dark and I'm scared

    So we’ve tied in the Constriction storyline as well now. This is pretty awesome. Although i think it’s a little selfish to sacrifice an alternate earth in order to save your own.

    • Honzinator

      How many universes would clever hound have consumed the old fashioned way had he not been consumed by a singularity? What a fitting end. How very singular.

      • Conzeit

        we just gonna call him the clever hound now? so he died and he might have become this shapeshifting spirit but…it’s a god not just a spirit. didnt we just call him wayfarer for his first appereance?

    • VinGfel

      If you know the catastrophe happened or is going to happen anyway, at least it may have some use…
      I owe some money to this men… Hmmm…

      • toxicdelirium

        Clive Barker employed a similar plot device in his great book, Imagica, using the first nuclear test at White Sands to destroy a horrific pandimensional monstrosity, much like the Wayfarer.

        • fayroberts

          Wait, what?! I’ve read Imagica MANY times, and I have no memory of that whatsoever…!

          • toxicdelirium

            My bad. It was The Great and Secret Show.

          • fayroberts

            OMG YES! I’d completely forgotten that bit! 😀

        • Honzinator

          Jim Butcher had a singularly unpleasant nemesis of Harry Dresden do the same thing.

  9. doug1937

    Brilliant. They didn’t beat him directly….they employed a natural phenomena to beat him. Excellent, and a lovely unexpected tie-in.

  10. Kalli

    just…. wow. compared this to constriction storyline. the short dialog right before the black hole emerges (‘did you see that?’ – ‘what?’) took place there too, but without actually revealing what the nurse referred too. and just today, we get to see the reason. but that leaves one question:


  11. Francois

    Ha! Called it early on, but for some reason my comment never showed up. Either my connection timed-out when I posted it or maybe it was moderated? Whatever, excellent story as usual! 😀

    • Conzeit

      ha! I called it way later and the same thing happened =) (last page) soooo I think big Mike was keeping it a mistery

  12. Coyote

    Hooray! We saved the planet by utterly destroying it! We win! I guess the goal here wasn’t to save the planet, but to defeat their enemy. I do like how the different stories have been brought together so nicely, but the morality of their actions continues to elude me. Are they just determined to defeat their enemy for their own ends, or is that enemy so terrible that a world must die for the “greater good?” Either way (or some other way), a wonderful, creepy, epic. I look forward to the denouement, and which questions will be answered, and which will never be.

  13. Brian Bors
    Brian Bors

    Amazing. This comic. This trick. I have no words.

  14. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf

    It really is an alternate timeline: the art for Constriction was done by Daniel Govar. 😀

    I, too, did not expect this.

    Mike you’d damn well better publish FP in a complete hardcover graphic novel format so you can take all of my money. Seriously, I love you right now. ❤

    • Conzeit

      for real big mike! I’ve said it before but you gotta get a book made.

      I’m feeling like trying to get more people into FalPo but dang, better wait till this story is done or it’d ruin the whole thing :p

  15. Ryan

    Nutronium Alchemy!

  16. Dozus


    Didn’t see that one coming. Well done, sir.

  17. Confuzzed

    Big Mike – I like the hospital name and the little details that you’re always putting in the story. Were you thinking of a specific version of the demon?

  18. Coyote

    Just noticed the design on the wall in the background (panel 6 in this comic). I feel unobservant, since I have had that design tattooed on my finger for many years – it’s part of a coyote-mythology related symbol I ran across a long time ago (from a dubious source, but dubious sources are fine for dubious characters). I am wondering if there is any significance to its presence in a story about a related character.

  19. Zero Mostel

    This whole comic, Last Ditch, smacks of an end game. Like all things here will be wrapped up by the last panel.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Fitting title, indeed. A black hole is certainly the last ditch you could ever fall into.

  20. Maclete

    Long time reader, first time poster… The symbolism in these stories are amazing and how they tie in are incredible, Big Mike you’re a genius…

    Here is some food for thought on the hospital name:

  21. Moe Lane

    And thus we see yet another variant of the old roleplaying game rule of thumb: “You can’t dodge falling damage.”

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I’m kinda wondering how long he can hold onto that tail when the rest of the coyote is getting dragged into a black hole. The shape-shifting monstrosity (whom I think started out as that guy in the Concoction story) has likely been dragged into eternity.
      “Wonder Twin powers, activate!”
      “Form of…tentacled monster!”
      “Shape of…spaghetti!”

  22. Shiny

    So they sacrificed one world for another. What a bunch of assholes.

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