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  1. Trixie Wolf
    Trixie Wolf


    • Foobar

      Yeah, definitely looks like spaceman is about to say “Oh no, the gate closed too soon!” But how much does dismemberment affect a shape-shifting spirit creature?

  2. gchahn

    Well that’s one way to beat three immortals with a magical pain barrier.

  3. Big Joe
    Big Joe

    Opened the way to where is the question?

    • Honzinator

      Into the body of the woman the astronaut was inscribing, and apologizing to, in the first panel of this comic, methinks.
      Think of the trick in the film Ghost Rider, only less voluntary.

  4. MadeInCH

    And… where is the other end???

  5. handprintcreative

    ‘Out of the frying pan…’ ?

  6. Emanon


  7. sunphoenix72

    Lamb to the slaughter… he’s doing just what they want ~ going right where they want him…

  8. Honzinator

    He shall leap into the astronaut’s grandmother who was sleeping at the beginning of this comic, and lo, he shall be bound forever to Adam’s rib, which shall be slow-cooked, covered in delicious sauce, and eaten. What?!? You were all thinking it.

  9. Coyote

    This will mean tears before bedtime.

  10. Egor Yureskul

    Wait, isn’t he sending him to the desert in Wayfarer?

    • Coyote

      Possibly, but I’m not sure what problem, if any, that would solve. It would just send him/her/zir to the past, where they would now be forewarned of future events, and have eons to correct their mistake, would it not?

    • Sigurther

      Ah, beat me to it.

  11. web_MST3K

    “My master, I’ve opened the way . . .” Sheesh! Why do these drama queen deities have to require things like that? Why not some god who says, “Hey, mortal, need a job? It pays in karma, you get all of the manna you can eat and the retirement benefits are Paradise.”

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