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  1. Guilherme

    So that went well…

  2. James Gambill
    James Gambill

    How high doth the triangle project?!

    • Coyote


  3. Dozus

    RIP Dragon.

    That’s a funny looking handprint up there.

    It looks like the beast doesn’t know it’s being betrayed, if its still blaming the Kites for leaking arcane secrets.

    • MadeInCH

      He is caged now.
      And the suspicion is diverted.
      Like planned in the previous panel.

  4. Yusuf Areff

    So… I wasn’t the only one googling poltroon was I?

    • Binky

      Nope. The etymology’s fun BTW.

  5. sunphoenix72

    Takes one to know one.. lols!

  6. gchahn

    Well this worked last time right?

  7. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)


  8. MadeInCH

    Last time I read “Hubris” and “Monkeys toying with fire”, did it really end well??
    But… Could it be that the “Hubris” would change side???

  9. Mel Hynes

    “Burglars. Poltroons. Assholes.” made me laugh harder than I have in a month. I guess when you’re nigh-immortal, swearing in multiple languages is old hat, so you go for multiple eras instead!

  10. LZ_01

    You know you really fucked up when a god calls you an asshole.

    • Coyote

      Or you’ve really accomplished something. And besides, Coyote is not a god.

  11. ghostlyyorick

    When the bad guy calls you “asshole” you know you are close to winning…

    • Binky

      At least, by the previous example, we know that it’s irritated….

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