Last-Ditch Page 45

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  1. Kerlyssa

    now all i’ve got in my head is that documentary about slugs mating 😦

  2. sunphoenix72

    I think Dragon… means to die…

  3. superkuh

    Both the fight in the foreground and the wallpaper in the background have mutually complementary spirals intertwined.

  4. Jason

    now I have the song “The ring of fire” in my head

  5. Honzinator

    Cue Miles Davis – “Now’s the Time”.

  6. Binky

    Heh – Red Oni, Blue Oni?

    • John B Ross

      As I understand it, “oni” can mean “demon” or “brother” depending on the context (which tells you something right there) “Kami” is “spirit” which can be anything from the natural spirit of a tree up to the level of a diety, but usually distinct from a human spirit.
      No real point here, just free associating.

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