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  1. Honzinator

    So, a pile of corpses … with one secret ingredient that will only stand out as easily noticeable and special to the “good” guys.

    • John B Ross

      I’m still not getting a “corpse” vibe here. More of a transcorporeal orgiastic cuddle-puddle.

  2. Dozus

    What’s the blue doodad in Zoe’s hand? Magic stuff? It’s magic stuff, isn’t it?

  3. shoop6

    The blue doodad in her hand is the heart…so yeah it’s magic stuff.

    • Honzinator

      And the clever hound has … seven … that are visible.

      • Reader

        I’m of the opinion that this is Wayfarer, not Clever Hound.

        • SomeUnregPunk

          I thought Wayfarer and clever hound was the the same being?

          • Conzeit

            rereading has got me doubting, but the clever hound is only a ghost, how would he make the leap to becoming a god? how would he accquire worshipers? I am of the oppinion making them the same might be one connection too many, making the universe smaller than it should be

  4. sunphoenix72

    “If I have to say ~ ‘May I be of assistance?’… its too late!~”

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