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  1. clerix

    Huh, we going meta? 4th wall? Or just multiverse?

    • I-Want-Some

      You high AF?

    • Patrick McEvoy

      Definitely playing with the form here. I love it!

    • MikeyLikesIt

      They’ve been duplicated. Now the bad guy can screw them multiple times in multiple ways.

      What would really be sadistic is to show them views of the other bad things happening to the other them across all the duplicated frames, for a truly profound sense of how hosed they are and can be.

    • Bruced

      It’s a tesseract..

  2. Milo

    But… why does that one dead lady have hair?

    And is that person with the outstretched arms in the process of falling? Or are they still alive?

    Screw your weird comic panelling! These are the important questions!

  3. Honzinator

    Isn’t the hirsute corpse the woman the astronaut dispatched? And isn’t the fellow face-deep in the pile of corpses … eating?

  4. John B Ross

    Why are we assuming that’s a pile of corpses? It could be such. It could also be a pile of not-corpes having a lovely time together. … Or not-quite corpses writhing as they are blended into an amorphous mass of conjoined flesh. Or modern art. Or an insubstantial image intended to distract those of mortal sensibilities. Or porn intended for beings of writhing tentacle-monster sensibilities. Or a snack that “the master” was warming up for when he got tired of playing Zelda (or whatever game that was)

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Considering that none of those figures are moving or even so much as changing the positions of their limbs even while everyone else is talking, I’d rather think that it’s just a mural on the wall.

  5. sunphoenix

    Well at least she’s ‘keeping her hands on the table’.. though it really must suck to live so long as a mature woman in a child’s immature body never to truly be a ‘woman’, but though she is not wearing any sleeves I’ll bet this innocuous gesture is full of threat up her ‘sleeve’… so to speak.

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