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  1. ghostygoo

    curious and curiouser

  2. Disillusioned

    So the Adversary was some kind of furry NEET loser with a taste for Dark Souls?

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Who would’ve thought that a god in his own right & master of his own realm could get pwned in a video game? As far as divinities go, he must be a newb.

  3. Foobar

    The astronaut is technically telling the truth. Perhaps Wayfarer would be able to tell if he were lying outright.

    He “dealt” with the heretics, in that he made a deal with them.
    The heretics did uncover that hidden knowledge, by learning it from him.

    • Disillusioned

      The heretics are not the magicians here, you’re mistaking groups.

    • Binky

      While Foobar indeed made a mistake in interpretation, his statement is still valid – the Astronaut told the truth, technically (he hasn’t said *who* has unmade his erstwhile allies, and “dealing with” has multiple meanings). And, well, the Astronaut is an acolyte of basically THE trickster deity, no wonder he, ahem, picked up a trick or two.

  4. Bell

    Is Shubal the squishy orb the astronaut vivisectec with lightning? What story does it ties with?

  5. Honzinator

    So, the magicians.our heroes are the interlopers and the squiddy planarians are the heretics, and the big screen is telling Clever Dog he’s died already …

  6. MrSing

    Oh gosh, it’s the Silent Hill 2 ending all over again.

  7. Dozus

    Just noticed the astronaut has apparently torn off the patch on his uniform. Interesting detail.

    • Binky

      Heh, just noticed that too! I even went back to check, and that’s basically the first clear view we have of that – during the introductory segment, when his right side is theoretically exposed, he’s drawn in such a way that that detail is either out of frame or obscured by his pose. Nice touch!

  8. Honzinator

    The canine god is a jealous god … and that shall be his downfall.

  9. Bruno Guedes

    The Good Dog needs to Git Gud

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