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  1. Glen Slagle (@RoundTuitGaming)

    Fox McCloud! I knew it all along…

  2. Emanon

    “Do a barrel roll!”

  3. Diretooth

    Coyote, or the clever hound?

  4. omnischwa

    I was wondering how he was going to tie the wolf into it. Looks like he mashed it up with cops ‘n robbers. All conjecture, we’ll see what’s really up soon.

  5. Honzinator

    Dear God!! … er … Clever Hound and good dog.
    I’m simultaneously pleased and mystified. Is he the secret weapon or another tool of the A/apocalypse?

  6. Trixie Wolf (Trickster)

    Well hello there, handsome. <3

  7. DCTF

    So it’s true. Furries ruin everything.

  8. gchahn

    It’s all a video game!!!??? What a twist!

  9. embyquinn

    Oh-kay…this story just took an unexpected left turn at Star Ocean…

  10. Michael Lindsay
    Michael Lindsay

    All this was a video game? WANT!

  11. George

    I would play that RPG

  12. Honzinator

    Perhaps the game is the robotic boyfriend who’s not popped back into this story yet?

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